A big appearance in a test frequently marks the start of a player’s journey into the profoundly cutthroat world of cricket. Such was the situation with Indian debutant Sarfaraz Khan on Thursday in Rajkot, when he left an enduring contact with his Test debut for India against England.

Sarfaraz Khan scored 62 runs from the 66 balls that he looked at during his innings. In any case, a disheartening misunderstanding with Ravindra Jadeja caused Sarfaraz to be run out by Mark Wood with an immediate hit.

There was a slight miscommunication between both hitters. Ravindra Jadeja was playing on 99 when he needed a single; however, before long, she acknowledged not taking Sarfaraz back, which brought about the latter’s runout.

Jadeja said that he was feeling awful for Sarfaraz Khan. He played well. It was my off-base call. However, Sarfaraz Khan opened up about the misunderstanding that prompted his runout. ” Occasionally, miscommunications occur. It’s a game mechanic. These things continue to occur.


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