On Boxing Day, the Sydney Sixers skipper made an incredible catch, but according to the laws, replays showed he grounded the ball.

Cricket’s murky regulations were brought to light when Moises Henriques claimed his catch to remove Tom Rogers in the Big Bash League was taken cleanly.

With their eight-wicket victory over the Sydney Sixers on Tuesday night, the Melbourne Stars earned their first victory of the season and gave their campaign fresh life.

Henriques’ incredible catch to take Rogers out of the game early in the Stars’ pursuit, however, was the game’s biggest talking point.

At midoff, Henriques leaped high into the air and collected the ball cleanly, descending to the ground with the ball appearing to contact the turf with his right hand.

According to cricket rules, the ball cannot touch the ground during a catch since the fielder must have complete control over their body.

Third umpire Claire Polosak, who was uncertain if Henriques had his fingertips under the ball, found insufficient evidence to reverse the decision after the catch was sent upstairs with a soft ruling of out.

Henriques stated, “I felt it was out, obviously.” “I thought I had total command over the ball… I had the impression that the ball would stay in place once I landed.

Since I was out with the physiotherapist at the time, I can’t really say that I had a chance to look at the replay. When they told me they were checking, I was taken aback. I simply assumed it was over. Nothing ever wobbled in the hand or anything else. Thus, it seemed quite tidy to me.”

The wicket reminded some of the time Mitchell Starc was refused a catch at Lord’s when Ben Duckett was sliding on the turf after he had collected a ball.

Though there is a gray area in the game when fielders are convinced they have the ball under control even if the rules suggest otherwise, Henriques acknowledged that his catch was similar.

The Sixers captain stated, “I obviously felt mine was out, and I thought Mitch’s was out at Lord’s as well.” “At the moment, there is some ambiguity in the game.

“Those kinds of terminations were pointed out frequently in the past. However, they can clearly slow that down and take a close look at it now because the video rate is larger and crisper than before.”

“I’m not sure whether it’s out if there’s a tiny bit of a finger under the ball. Perhaps it shouldn’t be out if you’re still gripping the ball entirely or if you’re controlling it with the ground. However, I thought I always had possession of the ball.”

After taking the catch, Henriques injured his left shoulder. The Sixers will monitor his recovery before their next game on Saturday against Sydney Thunder.


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