Ben Stokes, the Test captain for England who played for CSK in the previous tournament, talked candidly about the camaraderie Stephen Fleming and MS Dhoni have. In the most recent tournament, the Chennai Super Kings defeated the Gujarat Titans to win their fifth IPL championship.
Ben Stokes, who cost the team Rs 16.25 crore when he was acquired last year, only played in two games as a result of injuries. While seated in the dugout, Stokes witnessed the entire competition. Ben Stokes is in India and currently leading England in a five-match Test series; they have already won the first game.
“You say we won, and that’s how I received the ‘Thanks for Coming’ award from TFC,” I said. Needless to say, things didn’t exactly go as planned because of the injury and other issues. But simply being a member of such an amazing team as Chennai. When I used to play in Pune, I collaborated with Fleming and MS. I thought it was amazing how Fleming and MS complimented one another. The confidence they have in the choices they make, both in their capacities as captain and coach. Ben Stokes told JioCinema, “MS has the emotion of being out in the game, whereas sometimes you don’t have that emotion sitting on the sidelines.”
They both, in my opinion, have a remarkable understanding. But one thing MS and Flem do, as well as what Baz and I always attempt to do, is to base every decision they make—whether it be a quick one involving selection or not—on what’s best for the team. That’s what Baz and I always strive to abide by when making decisions,” he remarked.


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